Elegant Garden Theme Ideas For Your Spring Wedding 04
Elegant Garden Theme Ideas For Your Spring Wedding 04

40+ Elegant Garden Theme Ideas For Your Spring Wedding

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In recent years, we’ve seen how weddings have evolved. We see all kinds of style of getting married: wedding at the sea, up in the sky, underwater, and a lot unique naive wedding ideas. But personally speaking, a wonderful wedding for me – as I imagined – is something that is held outdoor and full of beautiful flowers on a bright sunny day – a garden-themed wedding to be exact.

Whether you are planning a traditional or contemporary wedding, the ever-popular garden-themed wedding is a natural choice. Set in a beautiful garden, you and your partner will really love to see yourselves in white gown and nice tuxedo, or both in Victorian attire. The spring season can be a great option for you to get married on a sunny, flowery atmosphere that you both would really enjoy celebrating together with your family and friends.

To complete your garden-themed wedding, make sure to use matching favors that reflects your favorite wedding theme. Traditional garden-themed wedding favors could be little gifts that come in elegant silk pouches, beautiful baskets, or festive flower-embroidered favor bags. However, if you are looking for unique ideas, try something different like favor that comes in coconut, seashell favor boxes, or even flying saucer pods. Garden-themed wedding favors naturally arrive creative. You can think of so many inexpensive novelty items that you can customize with your own garden wedding theme, such as lip balms, candles, soaps, shot glasses, mini wedding bells, potted plants, seed packets, and a lot more.

When you are deciding what to give as wedding favors, you need to think of the things that you guests would literally take away from your very special celebration. Put yourself in their shoes and try asking yourself what you would gladly keep from a wedding. Among the safest choices are edible treats such as chocolate bars, candies, cookies, almonds, etc. Edible wedding favors could either be homemade or store-bought. You can make such edible treats unique by decorating and packaging them match to your garden theme. You can place them in a nice floral favor boxes, bags or anything that can make them look presentable and suitable for the type of wedding your are planning to have.

Depending on the guest list as well as the budget, there are some limits which you need to take into account when choosing wedding favors. Anything for a small family-friends gathering won’t be a problem, however, if the wedding is huge and has a more diverse guests, then choosing wedding should be more careful.

There’s a lot of wedding themes that couples can imagine, and it’s all in their hands on how to make such work out.Unique wedding favors and other wonderful favor ideas for a garden themed wedding can be found online. There are so many online stores that carry a wide variety of party favors for any wedding theme, from edible, decorative to useful and truly unique options. Include your personal touch by having yours be personalized with both of your names or initials, wedding date, and a personal message.

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