Outstanding Polka Dots Nail Art Ideas You Need To Know For Summer 31
Outstanding Polka Dots Nail Art Ideas You Need To Know For Summer 31

40+ Outstanding Polka Dots Nail Art Ideas You Need To Know For Summer

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Nail art is all the rage these days, with women wearing differently designed nails every week. From colorful and sparkling to artistic, there are limitless possibilities for nail art. However, a visit to the nail salon every week can get rather expensive, and you’re limited in the design options. With do it yourself nail art, you can create any design you want and save a lot of money!

1. Newspaper Nails

This is a design that’s fun and artistic, and very easy to do. Start with nails painted in a light color, such as white, light blue, light pink, or something similar. Allow them to completely dry. Dip your fingernail in rubbing alcohol and then press newspaper to the nail, print side against the nail. Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and remove the newspaper. The print should have transferred to the nail. After waiting about 1 minute, use a high-quality sealing polish to keep the print on the nail.

2. Glitter Tips

This is an adorable design that can be colorful and glitzy; perfect for a night out. Start by using masking a clear polish over the entire nail. With a glitter brush or your fingertips, apply glitter in any color you choose to only the tips of the nail (the part where the white would be in a French manicure). Allow the nail to completely dry (between 10 and 15 minutes) before applying a sealing polish on top to keep the glitter in place.

3. Lace Nail Art

For this cute design, you’ll need a length of lace that’s wider than your nails are long. Black or darker colors work very well. For each nail, you’ll need to cut a piece of lace that fits perfectly over the nail. Once you’ve gotten the pieces of lace cut, apply a clear polish to one nail at a time and place the lace firmly on top. When you have all the lace pieces placed, apply a sealing polish on top to keep the lace on for a beautiful do it yourself nail art look!

4. Starry Sky Nail Art

This is a whimsical and beautiful design that’s fairly easy to do. You’ll need nail polish in a dark, midnight blue, a medium (lighter) blue and white or light-colored glitter. Start by painting half of one nail (nearest the cuticle) with the dark blue. Paint the top half of the nail the lighter blue and use a brush dipped in clear polish to blend the colors in the center. Apply the glitter and allow the nails to dry before using a sealing polish to seal everything in.

5. Watermelon Do It Yourself Nail Art

This is a great summer design that is fresh and cute. Start with a dark pink polish, minty green, and black. Paint the bottom half (excluding the tip) of the nail with the dark pink, and then paint the tip with the green nail polish. After those have dried, apply dots (seeds) to the pink part of the nail, just below the green tip. After the black seeds dry, use a sealing top coat to keep the nail beautiful for a longer period of time.

These are just a few of the great do it yourself nail art designs that you can do. With a little imagination and creativity, you’ll have all of your friends asking you to do their nails as well!

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